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Every webmaster is set the goal to increase traffic with the help of SEO techniques.The owners of the website use the OFF page SEO to get the result faster, it is good and another thing is that the On-page SEO work is long time static in the search result.



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1. KEYWORD SELECTION:-Keyword is that particular word which extends the whole web page or post.good keyword selection is the first priority to gain the traffic.

2.LONG TAIL KEYWORD:-This types of the keyword are the combination of 3 or 4 words, and it is used to any product or selling goods.

3.CONTENT: Content is the king of the digital marketing.It is the main thing of the post or all over work to the post.keywords are include in the content or blog.

4.FRESHNESS:-Freshness means the uniqueness of your blog or description.it is depends on your keywords planning to the post or the topic of that post.

5.LENGTH:-Length of the post is minimum 200 words and it depends on your writing skills.
internal linking:-Internal linking is that linking which links many posts to each other on your website.It helps to the crawlers.
these are the points of ON PAGE SEO.



1.BOOKMARKING SUBMISSION:-Bookmarking submission helps to submit your single post to other websites.there are many websites to submission like-
or many websites

2.DIRECTORY SUBMISSION:-Its submission helps to the submits your whole website on a single website.there are many high-quality websites that’s helps to submit or promote our website.

3 BLOGGING:-Blogging is the main thing which is used to give the information of particular subjects or data.it is the best way to create our information and helps in the promotion of our website.

4.PPT:-PPt is another way to perform the promotion through the slides or many more things.
These are the SEO strategies to use on the website, and another thing social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing and digital marketing are the main use to gain the traffic on our websites.

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