Create your own website by using WordPress techniques


What is WordPress

WordPress is the main technology that based on PHP and MySQL.IT is the free content management system, which is installed on the web server and this is the main part of the web hosting services or network hosting services.


Where WordPress used

There is the various place to use the WordPress like music sites, blogs, news and many company websites are created on WordPress.

How do you start WordPress

There are many steps to start the WordPress file.


Firstly we create the domain name and web hosting from the hosting service providers then you start the WordPress.

2.Install the WordPress

Now we start the installation of c panel.Firstly we start the c panel to install the WordPress file, then there are many small icons so we select only WordPress icon to install the WordPress.

3.Use and select WordPress theme

There are many themes in WordPress so you choose the default theme or customize theme from the themes option.The WordPress is controlled by the theme.

4. Create your blog post

In the next level to the WordPress, you create the blog or post by your own way.These are the directly published on your website.

5. Plugs or customization

Now use the popular plugins and use your own way on your website.There are many plugins to use your websites high quality or good graphic design.

There are the few steps to create your own website or hosting.Follow these steps to install your WordPress.In this populated world,70% peoples are using WordPress to create the website.WordPress is a good and easy method to hold your website.

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