What Is On Page SEO And Checklist 2018

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On Page SEO and checklist is directly related to the Website ranking in SERP(Search engine result page).

What is on page SEO

On page seo

On page technique is the optimization strategy that you use on your web page to rank higher and get traffic.Every single web-page needed to get optimized to rank well in SERP.

On page SEO has its own checklist by which you can check your webpage is fully optimized or not.

Many On page techniques are used to follow that checklist and to ensure that the webpage is ready to rank.


1.Seo friendly URL:-

Your website should have SEO friendly URL structure which helps your website or post to get easily indexed and to rank well in SERP.Many websites are using non-SEO friendly URL structure.SEO friendly URL structure


2.SEO website audit:-

In on page checklist, SEO website audit is the on page technique in which you can audit your website and check the health of your website.Seo audit is like ON page checklist you can also check your website on this website.




3.Keyword in title:-

Many bloggers don’t recognize it as important but it is important.On page SEO is all about content and content is all about keywords you use.

You must have Keyword in your title which helps you to get searched easily in SERP.Keyword in title nothing just you have to enter a keyword that you use in the post in the title.

4.Keyword in description:-

On page techniques are all about keyword placement and content.SO, as a keyword in the description is same as the keyword in the title.The only difference is you have to place a keyword in the description.

5.Keyword in URL:-

As we discuss Keyword in the description and keyword in the title. Keyword in URL is also same just you have to add keywords to URL.

Adding to the keyword in URL is the part of SEO friendly URL.

6.Meta tags:-

Meta tags are the descriptor’s which describes search engine about the content you have on your website by which search engine can easily search your website.




7.Duplicate content:-

On page Seo is all about content and keyword.”Content is the king in SEO”.To rank well you have to create a unique content and duplicate content is a part of spamming.In On page SEO checklist you have to check that your content should be unique.

Now the question is How should you know the content you have is unique or not?

The answer is here you can check your content on following sites:-




8.Keyword density:-

For ranking well in a search engine you have to use Keyword but using keyword can affect your website.

ON page seo checklist have an important on page seo techniques as keyword density.In keyword density, you check the density of keyword in your content.If the density of keyword is more than 3-4 % the content is recognized as keyword stuffing means that you are using the keyword more than 3-4% in the content.

keyword stuffing is a spamming for google.so, always maintain keyword in 3-4% only means In 100-word post you can use keyword only 3-4 times only.

9.Image optimization:-

Image optimization is a technique of page SEO technique.In image optimization, you optimize your image that is used on the website.How you optimize your image.

1.Rename your downloaded  image as the keyword you use for that image

2.Compress the size of image

3.Use alt tag for image because google index images as the alt tag

10.Heading tag:-

Heading tags are the headings that we use in while writing a content.”Thinking what is the use of heading tag in on page SEO checklist?”.

you have 6 heading :- H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 and a paragraph.Google show search as per the heading.H1 is crawled first then the others.so, always make the title as the H1 and put a keyword in the title.


Robots.txt/robots/crawlers is a txt file that you create to tell crawlers how to crawl your website.You can generate it from the webmaster or from the robot.txt generators.It is in On page SEO checklist because you have to generate it sometimes so you have to check it.


Sitemap.xml is an XML file which contains all the URL of your website and helps crawler to crawl your website more intelligently.It is an additional file which generates to help crawlers.

13.Canonical issue:-

The canonical issue is a problem that most of the website have on this your website opens from many urls.SO it is on the on-page SEO checklist.

If you have a canonical issue you ranking will AFFECT.

14.Website loading time:-

The time is taken by a website to get fully loaded is known as website loading time.If your website is taking a long time to load it will affect your ranking.

According to me, these are the main on page SEO checklist and on page seo techniques you can use on your Website.

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