Learn Exactly!! What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization seo


Search engine optimization is one of the strategies that we use in digital marketing and it is the most important one.

So what is Search engine optimization(SEO)- It is the technique to increase the organic traffic to your website to get higher placement in search engine result like- google, bing, yahoo etc.In today’s competitive world it is the technique which makes your website to faster, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the first step  to learn about digital marketing for beginners

There are three types of Search engine optimization:-

1.White hat SEO

2.Blackhat SEO

3. Grey hat SEO

White hat SEO

White hat Search Engine Optimization is the main technique of SEO and is the one which follows the guideline of the search engine.Some of the technique used in the White hat are High-quality content, Keyword density, link acquisition campaigns supported by high-quality content, HTML optimization.If you use white hat you last long in search engine result.

Blackhat SEO

Blackhat Search Engine Optimization is all about spamming and is the one which unfollows search engine guideline.Some techniques used in the black hat are duplicate content, keyword stuffing, link spam, hidden text.If you use black hat you were quick but short long.

Grey hat SEO

Grey hat Search Engine Optimization is neither black hat nor white hat.It is the transformation from black to white or white to black.This was used by some companies by which they may not cross the search engine guidelines.

Search engine optimization strategy is divided into two categories

1.ON page SEO:-

In ON page Search Engine Optimization you optimize your website to increase traffic by using Title tags, Meta tags, Headings, Internal links etc

2.OFF page SEO:-

In OFF page Search Engine Optimization you optimize your domain to Increase traffic by creating backlinks.


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