Don’t spam!! When White hat SEO gets you traffic

Search engine optimization

Explanation of white hat SEO

In our previous post, we discussed the Digital marketing or search engine optimization.In this post, we discussed the white hat SEO.White hat SEO is the technique which is used to increase the website position in the search engine result.The search engine result is the result that approves the methods of paid search or organic search.The search result is visible to the organic traffic to find the limited search.

Search engine optimization

There are some techniques of white hat

1.high quality content

In your website, the content is king and it’s true so your content is high-quality content without keywords stuffing.when content is bad then our search engine result is low, and the content is quality content then search engine helps to end user to search your content.


2.good presentation of the title

when we present the high-quality content then we check the quality of the title, when the tittle quality is bad then the content is not powerful to the user, the main thing is that title is shown the quality of the content.

3.meta tags

Meta tags are the strongest part of the SEO which helps to the search your post in the search engine result.tittles or meta tags are the backbone of your post and it works properly in digital marketing. keyword stuffing

keyword stuffing is mostly used in the black hat SEO.In white hat SEO, the keywords density is 2% or 3%, when more then 4% keywords then it is the phase of keyword stuffing.
There is the white hat SEO, and It is the technique which is mainly used in Digital Marketing.

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