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digital marketing

What Is Digital Marketing (online marketing)?

Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing . can say that the promotion of our services or goods on digital channels like social media, search engine e.t.c by using various techniques and strategies is known as digital marketing.Digital marketing is also known as Online marketing.


Digital marketing or Online marketing is a marketing way in which you use various types of electronic media to promote your product or brand.Through this, you can attract or get customer’s by electronic media and you get results in return of investments.

 As you know the era of traditional marketing is going to be ended.In today’s world, almost everyone knows how to use electronic media and they are spending a lot of time on it and being part of online marketing.Which provide digital marketing huge rise and make the world smaller for costumer’s now you can order anything from anywhere and digital marketing did this for us.we’ll we now focus on most common types of digital marketing strategy or techniques of it below.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)Search engine optimization seo

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as you should know the name it is an optimizing technique.SEO is the process of optimizing a website.In which you optimize the technical set-up, content and the traffic on the website so that your pages can appear at the top search result for the specific keyword on a search engine like google, bing, yahoo e.t.c.It is the most important technique in Digital marketing.


social media marketing

In today’s world, social media platform’s is not only for watching video’s or posting picture it is more than that it is the technique of digital marketing.From SMO you can engage with can post our content on Social media profile the more audience get to engage the more you likely to share.This leads them to become a customer.


email marketing

You are using E-MAILS from two decades.This is the quickest way to connect with others.For marketer’s this is not only the E-mail.This becomes a way of marketing through which you can connect with our costumer anytime because consumers are very attached to their E-mails.

PAY PER CLICK (PPC)ppc pay per click

PPC is an advertising technique refers to “sponsored result” on the top or side of search result page.You have to pay for the clicks so this is known as pay per click.You only pay for the number of times your ad is clicked.You can set your PPC ads to appear when the specific keyword is searched.You can also target audience in according to age, sex or devices.It is the most visual and flexible way of digital marketing.

CONTENT MARKETINGcontent marketing


Before describing Content Marketing.I like to tell you that in digital marketing “CONTENT IS  THE KING” content marketing is a way.In which you write content about your services or goods.Which provides information about you or your services or product.If the content provides valuable information.It is likely that audience will stay tuned to you.

MOBILE MARKETINGmobile marketing

As mobile devices become the part of our lives.So it becomes a digital marketing platform for marketers.Mobile devices are kept in our pocket that means the marketing is in your pocket.Through Mobile marketing, you stay tuned for SMS or MMS.All the above marketing strategies can be accessed through mobile devices.


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